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17 Апрель 2009

Module Variations

Module Variations / Hilites allow you to vary individual modules which may otherwise inherit the same styling. This is typically achieved by adding a term into the code of the module, based on configuration in the Joomla Module Manager. Therefore, you can add styling for this in the template CSS files which will activate if you decide to use the particular suffix.

SolarSentinel is accompanied by 9 module class suffixes / variations / hilites. These are:-
  • blue
  • orange
  • black
  • green
  • grey
  • darkgrey
  • darkbeige
  • red
  • advertisement
These positions can be utilised in the Left, Right, Inset, Inset2, User1, User2, User3, User4, User5, User6, User7, User8 and User9 module positions.

If you were to add and/or use a suffix, follow these instructions. To apply a suffix, login into the administrator and navigate to Extensions > Module Manager. There, select your module and locate the Module Class Suffix input field. Insert your module class suffix in this box and save. Читать далее

Module Positions

SolarSentinel has been constructed with an assortment of 32 module positions allowing for versatility and flexibility. These module positions are fully collapsible meaning that if there are no modules published in a particular area, that module area will not be shown.

Several of these positions may not appear to be positions, such as the Logo, Footer and Toolbar. However, by publishing modules to see positions, the elements are automatically disabled and replaced by your module content.

Module Positions
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Preset Styles

SolarSentinel is a stylish professional design with lots of versatility. You can choose one of the included color styles by specifying it in the template configuration.

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Note: All sample content images will be replaced with blank versions in the RocketLauncher version. Screenshots, such as those for the Logo Editing tutorial will remain however.

RocketTheme templates feature some amazingly advanced features and layout possibilities that open up a wide world of options for your sites. Unfortunately, the default Joomla content in a new Joomla install is very limited and does little to take advantage of the abilities of a modern Joomla template.

Each of our demo sites have been highly customised to show off the abilities of each template and give that "professional touch" to the look and feel of the content. This professional look could not be achieved without hands on manual customisation, that is, until now.

SolarSentinel features the exciting RocketLauncher custom Joomla install option. With the RocketLauncher Joomla installer, you can instantly create a Joomla site complete with custom content that is a perfect replica of our demo site that has been professionally tuned to look its best, all with just a few clicks.

The RocketLauncher package consists of a full 1.5.10 Joomla install, complete with all of the demo images, content, modules, and extensions. By running the installer, your Joomla site will be set up with everything needed to create an exact implementation of the demo site automatically.

RocketLauncher includes a FULL Joomla install, in addition to the template and demo contents. The Joomla installation process is necessary in creating the demo content, therefore RocketLauncher will only work properly as a new Joomla installation. It can not be used on an existing Joomla installation.


Upload the files
Download the separate SolarSentinel RocketLauncher package (Joomla_RT_SolarSentinel.zip) from the SolarSentinel template downloads section. Unzip the RocketLauncher package, after which you will have a folder named "Joomla_RT_SolarSentinel". Using your FTP client, upload all of the files inside of the "Joomla_RT_SolarSentinel" folder (not the folder itself) to your server as you would a standard Joomla installation package. You upload the files with a FTP client such as Filezilla. Want to learn more...?

Run the Installer
Point your browser to the location where you uploaded your RocketLauncher files (whichever domain/folder you uploaded to, generally the root of your web server). You will then see the Joomla 1.5 installation screen. Follow the Joomla installation on screen instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the INSTALL SAMPLE DATA button in step 6 of the installation in order to load all of the demo content into your installation.

Further Guides

RocketLauncher Installation Video Tutorial

Learn the steps to uploading the RocketLauncher package files to your server and installing the RocketLauncher template package by following along with the steps in this detailed video tutorial. It's now easier than ever before to deploy a replica of the RocketTheme template demo sites. Launch Video...

Uploading RocketLauncher to your Root

An in depth guide that details the steps necessary to properly upload the files from the RocketLauncher template package directly to the root of your site. This will ensure your RocketLauncher installation installs to the root of your site, and not in a subfolder. Learn more...

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SolarSentinel continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional RocketTheme templates. It combines incredible styling with refined and powerful code to help your website achieve its maximum potential.

  • Javascript Styling: Radios and Checkboxes
    One of the many new features in the template is the inclusion of javsascript powered styling for radio icons and checkboxes, such as the ones used on the Polls and the Search pages. Traditionally, styling of these form elements is bland, default and ordinary. However, using special scripts, these elements can be manipulated as to allow styling as is present on the many demo pages. The template styled itself changers depending on body type chosen as well as the type of module class suffix in use. Yet another diverse and additional feature in the May template release.
  • Source Ordering: SEO Optimisation
    SolarSentinel continues the latest trend of SEO optimised templates. The layout of the template has been constructed differently to the norm. A typical Joomla template, in regards to the mainbody source, will load the left column first, then the right column and finally the main column (where your main articles are loaded). SolarSentinel takes a different approach and loads the main column code before the left and right columns. Therefore, this template loads in this order: Header, Menu, Showcase, Main Column, Left Column, Right Column, Bottom, Footer. This is perfect for SEO purposes as the search crawlers will find your main content before your subsidiary content in your side columns. This is a major step forward and will improve your search engine results for your pages.
  • RokStock Module
    RokStock, is a Stocks module for your site. It has been finely tuned to give stocks character such as a coloured line graph, coloured indexes, draggable indexes, tooltips and much more. The module fits seamlessly into the template and is perfect for any news site.
  • RokBooster Plugin
    RokBooster is a plugin whose primary aim is to improve the performance and speed of your site. It does this by compressing your CSS (stylesheets) and JavaScript files. For javascript files, it compresses them altogether (via GZip) and places them in the cache folder. It differentiates between the pages so if you have a particular combination of scripts on one page, and a different combination on another, two files will be created and loaded independently. A similar method is used for the CSS but is based on path. To exemplify, all the CSS files in template's /css directory are combined into one file, with the module CSS files being combined elsewhere. Compressing all these files means your site can load faster.
  • RokMicroNews Module
    RokMicroNews is a new module, perfect for displaying your content. Your content (plus auto loaded image) are displayed adjacent to your article titles and the hover or click of these titles triggers a javascript transition to another article. Perfect for showcasing news items in a small, but structured spaced.
  • RokWeather Module
    RokWeather, as the name suggests, is a weather module, using the Google API. You can easily display weather data from regions across the globe. This includes temperature, climate, wind speed as well as being configurable from the frontend via the user. Perfect for any news site.
  • RokNewsPager Module
    The module is an article previewer and rotator. It displays content articles, in a summarised form and, using mootools based javascript transition, rotates through a series of pages displaying articles in a contracted list format.
  • RokNewsflash Module
    RokNewsFlash is a custom mootools module that displays your newsflash tidbits at the top of your site. The RokNewsflash also includes small buttons allowing your visitors to toggle through the different newsflash items you have set up. See it in action on the frontpage.
  • RokStories Module
    RokStories is a great module to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. The module itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing featured articles on your site, as seen on the frontpage.
  • RokCandy Component
    The popular plugin from RocketTheme which allows you to implement typography easily, without fear of the WYSIWYG editor ruining your formatting and allows you, and/or your clients to add them to your content with ease. This is through a method similar to BBcode (as seen in a forum). WYSIWYG friendly syntax can be used, or even custom configured that will transform a set snippet to the correct HTML when it is parsed by Joomla.
  • RokAjaxSearch Module
    RokAjaxSearch brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools.

    So, what does the module do? The best description is an example, simply type test in the search box in the upper right of SolarSentinel and wait ... and a popup shall materialise, showcasing the Joomla search results for you.
  • RokTabs Module
    RokTabs, the fully independent and incredible flexible standalone version of the former RokSlide.

    The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easily utilised on any template, not just SolarSentinel. As its name implies, it is a tabbed based module to efficiently showcase your content to your visitors.
  • RokNavMenu Module
    RokNavMenu is now an essential ingredient of RocketTheme templates. It provides various functions which are above and beyond what the mainmenu, and the subsequent template overrides can do. Therefore, a much more sophisticated menu can be constructed providing you with a much greater degree of usability. This makes the incredible advanced multiple-dropdown menu possible. It is an essential install for the integrated menu systems to operate.
  • Multiple Column Menu and more!
    The multiple column dropdown feature is apparent in the template. Who needs a single dropdown column when you can have as many as you want? This feature is available for the advanced, and sophisticated RokMoomenu and the conservative, yet versatile Suckerfish. Splitmenu menus also accompany this template.
  • IE6 Warning Message
    For the SolarSentinel template we included a script that will display a message to IE6 users advising them to upgrade to a more secure browser version.

    This is not enabled by default, but can easily be turned on or off with a toggle in the template manager. When enabled, users visiting your site with IE6 only, will be able to view the message. By enabling this, you can help fight the good fight that rids the internet of the evil incarnation that is IE6!
  • Module Hilites
    SolarSentinel is accompanied by 9 module class suffixes / variations / hilites. These are blue, orange, black, green, grey, darkgrey, darkbeige, red and advertisement. These are available in all main, showcase, inset and side positions.
  • Stylish Typography
    SolarSentinel includes a vast selection of professionally styled typography to bring that extra element to your content. Choose from several typography options including various bullet and number styles as well as much much more.
  • 32 Module Positions
    A full compliment of 32 modules allows you to showcase your content and other site elements in a flexible and differential manner for maximum effect.
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12 Август 2008

Newsflash 4

Yesterday all servers in the U.S. went out on strike in a bid to get more RAM and better CPUs. A spokes person said that the need for better RAM was due to some fool increasing the front-side bus speed. In future, buses will be told to slow down in residential motherboards. Читать далее

Newsflash 5

Joomla! - 'Experience the Freedom'!. It has never been easier to create your own dynamic Web site. Manage all your content from the best CMS admin interface and in virtually any language you speak. Читать далее

10 Август 2008

Newsflash 1

Joomla! makes it easy to launch a Web site of any kind. Whether you want a brochure site or you are building a large online community, Joomla! allows you to deploy a new site in minutes and add extra functionality as you need it. The hundreds of available Extensions will help to expand your site and allow you to deliver new services that extend your reach into the Internet.

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Newsflash 3

With a library of thousands of free Extensions, you can add what you need as your site grows. Don't wait, look through the Joomla! Extensions library today.

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09 Август 2008

Newsflash 2

The one thing about a Web site, it always changes! Joomla! makes it easy to add Articles, content, images, videos, and more. Site administrators can edit and manage content 'in-context' by clicking the 'Edit' link. Webmasters can also edit content through a graphical Control Panel that gives you complete control over your site.

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